Do not drink coffee, the daily three-piece set of the Death Star: coffee beans, coffee machine, American coffee mug

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For most office workers like me, how much skinny Du Di had to be last night, how painful it would be to have a brainstorm this morning. The first is the dozens of pages of PPT on the big screen carousel. The ups and downs of data are like riding a roller coaster. Then there are the ministers and deputy heads of various departments who speak in turn. Every time you say it, you have to doubt once: Who am I? Where am I? What do I have to do? The degree of embarrassment in the conference room is far better than that of Xu Zhimo’s ex-girlfriend in Kangqiao.At this time, it is often a cup of coffee that supports me. So, coffee is just the need of our modern people. This is true. You see Silicon Valley's big men are always energetic and ready to go to work, because they always have a cup of coffee in their hands. SO, my career elite is also keeping up with the trend. Every day, a cup of coffee can't be less. On the one hand, of course, it is to refresh the mind. On the other hand, it is also telling the leader in a subtle way. Seeing how much pressure I work, how much work is going to give some performance. Bonus~

Well, not much nonsense, today's topic is to share with you how to manually make a cup of delicious coffee, after all, the cost of eating a cafe or drinking Starbucks is a bit high every day, it is better to do it yourself.

To make a good cup of coffee, you must have good coffee beans first. Here secretly teach everyone a secret to buy coffee beans, first smell, if you have Chen Wei, do not buy, then look at it, the color of the coffee beans is a little lighter, it is better, if it is yellowish The kind of drink tends to be sour, and finally chew it. If there is a crisp sound, there is no moisture, so you can buy it with confidence. Here, I will push the coffee beans of ILY that I have been drinking. This coffee bean is Arabica. It tastes full-bodied. Every bean is full. Whether it is deep-baked or medium-baked, the entrance is very smooth. There is also a nutty aroma.

Then you need a versatile coffee machine, I bought a coffee machine. Before, because my mom bought his juicer, it was very useful, so I just took a coffee machine and looked at the effect. I have to say that this coffee machine is really easy to use. When the coffee beans are put down, they are automatically ground into powder. Then you can choose to make the finished coffee directly, or pour out the coffee powder separately, buy some filter paper and hang the ear coffee. It is very convenient to make four cups of coffee with a single shot. And this coffee machine is very small, just enough for me to put on my desk.

The coffee bean machine is all there, and then you need a coffee cup. Many people think that coffee cups don't matter, what cups can be used, wrong! The average cup can't hold the taste of coffee, change from cold coffee to hot coffee in minutes, all the flavors are running out, and it tastes so bitter. Bun. So I used a Contigo M coffee mug to drink coffee.

This can maintain the optimal drinking temperature of coffee for a long time. It will feel good acidity, sweetness and bitterness when it is tasted, and because the seal is super strong, the flavor substances in coffee are not easy to lose, and the taste can be kept very much. it is good. Shun said, the value of this coffee cup is quite high, Wu Yifan is using this, very suitable for my career elite!

In short, now I have developed the same habit of drinking coffee every day and eating every day. I feel so good and I have a good mood. Work is busy, regular meetings and brain damage does not matter, nothing can not be solved by a cup of coffee, I hope that the boss who is so serious about drinking coffee can also indirectly understand the hardships of my work, this year's year-end award plus two hundred, just give me A ticket is worth it~

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