Is a single product coffee an "American coffee"? What kind of ghost is that American coffee?

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You must have heard of "American coffee" when you drink coffee regularly.

If you order such a cup of coffee at Starbucks, it is common practice to use espresso concentrate to make the substrate, plus about 6-8 times the water.

However, I clearly heard that Italians do not drink American coffee (much true), so why do you see American style in the menu of espresso coffee?
Is Starbucks' American coffee really authentic?
What is real American coffee?

As the name suggests, American coffee refers to American-style coffee, which is the coffee Americans are used to drinking. But American coffee is the name of a person outside the United States.
Americans are used to making coffee using a drip coffee machine. Almost all households have a drip coffee machine, or even more than one. (Few families in the United States use fully automatic coffee machines)
The coffee on the menus of many American restaurants refers to this drip coffee. Drop a large pot with a drip coffee machine. The customer orders the coffee and directly pours a cup with the heat preservation pot. It is not too convenient, of course, it does not distinguish anything. Origin.

Because Americans like coffee very much, they drink a few cups a day. Over time, other countries have called the black coffee they like to drink as "American coffee."


How is coffee popular in the United States?

Since 1607, European immigrants have gradually brought coffee and tea into the North American continent.
The Protestant Protestant (also known as the Puritans) who fled here have a strong ban on alcohol. They encourage the use of tea and coffee instead of alcohol. As a result, tea and coffee became everyday drinks in the United States.
The famous "Boston Tea Pouring" took place in 1773, which strengthened the idea of Americans opposing the British. When the British love to drink tea, they change to coffee that is against the tea, and the mainland council announces that coffee is the official national drink of the United States.
Why do Americans like to drink drip coffee?

The United States is a new immigrant country. It does not have its own cultural roots. It is more open to a free and casual lifestyle. It is not as "rule" as it is for Europeans in making coffee. Drip filter coffee is fast and convenient, does not require advanced technology, and is very consistent with American temperament.
Back to the opening question, why is the American style of Starbucks condensed with Italian condensed water? Is it lie to us?

In fact, this "American" approach originated in the Second World War, when the American soldiers entered Italy, because it was difficult to swallow the rich Italian condensate, the coffee was diluted into the military kettle and diluted with water.

This kind of drinking method was ridiculed by the Italian locals and said: "The American cockroach can only drink light coffee like dishwashing water." "American American Americano also refers to the practice of diluting Italian condensed with water, becoming the coffee today. "American coffee" in the museum.
For a long time, American coffee was despised by people from other countries. The French said that American coffee is like the smell of washing socks. This is because Americans used to be very casual about coffee and did not pay much attention to the quality of coffee beans. Therefore, coffee is more a supporting role in the food, the taste is not flattering.

However, the more backward the place has the potential for development. Under such circumstances, Ms. Nusen of the United States first proposed the concept of “boutique coffee” in the magazine “Coffee and Tea”, which set off the current third wave of coffee. The current industry standard is set by the American Fine Coffee Association SCAA.
Is a single product coffee an American coffee?

The American drip filter is a water injection brewing machine through the machine. The single product hand punching is controlled by manual water injection. Both are filter-type extraction methods, and the principle is the same.

Therefore, hand-washed single-serve coffee is naturally an American coffee.

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