Espresso Machine 20 Bar Fast Heating Coffee Maker with Foaming Milk GECME022-U

  • ✔【ADVANCED THERMOBLOCK FAST HEATING 】- Advanced 1350W big power Thermoblock Fast Heating System can continue to make espresso or froth milk. You can enjoy making a good kind of coffee in 45 seconds.
  • ✔【20 BAR PRESSURE SYSTEM】- 20 Bar high-pressure pump can provide fast and stable extraction,makes espresso more fragrant and rich in crema.
  • ✔【ADJUSTABLE ESPRESSO AMOUNT】- There are three functions for you to choose: One shot, Double shots, or Manual-Control the amount of coffee by yourself.
  • ✔【STABLE STEAM CONTROL】- Manual steam wand can create rich creamy froth and latte art. 360°rotating stainless steel frothing wand is more convenient to use.
  • ✔【NTC INTELLIGENT TEMP CONTROL SYSTEM】- With 2 separate thermostats, controlling the temperature of espresso and the frothing separately, so the taste of coffee and milk foam can reach the ideal state.
  • ✔【COFFEE DRINKS】- Making an cappuccino, latte or flat white at home or office. The removable froth nozzle makes the cleaning easily.
  • ✔【FOR BEST FLAVORS】- 1 Shot-Brew about 30ml amount of coffee. 2 Shot-Brew about 60ml amount of coffee.
  • ✔【STYLISH&DURABLE】- Clear functional buttons and beautiful white appearance, which ideal for all types of kitchen counters.
  • ✔【HUMANIZED DESIGN】- Removable drip tray allows you to use a larger cup. SUS304 stainless steel nipple is not easy to rust.
  • ✔【INCLUDED COMPONENTS】- Espresso Machine x1, Portafilter x1, 1shot funnel x1, 2shot funnel x1, Scoop/Tamperx1, User Manual x1. (Milk picther are not included).

Model: GECME022-U

Specification: 120V/60Hz

Water tank capacity: 1.2L

Product size : 14.17 x 9.06 x 13.78inch

Product weight: 8.4 lb

I. User Manual:
You can click here to download PDF
II. Operation Video:
1. What Precautions for Gevi GECME022-U Espresso Machine in the First Use:
2. How To Make 2 Cups of Perfect Espresso Coffee with Gevi GECME022-U Espresso Machine:
3. How to Avoid the Weak Coffee with Your Gevi GECME022-U Espresso Machine:
4. How to Froth GoodMilk with Your Gevi GECME022-U Espresso Machine:
5. How to Avoid the Weak Milk Foaming with Your Gevi GECME022-U Espresso Machine:
6. How to Avoid the Weak Steam or NO Steam Comes Out for Your Gevi GECME022-U Espresso Machine:
7. How to Avoid the Leaking on the Countertop with Your Gevi GECME022-U Espresso Machine:

Brew Like a Barista

Cup Warmer

A heated metallic plate on top of the machine keeps your cups warm, so that the coffee flavour will not be influenced by cold parts.

Pressure Relief Hole

Pressure relief hole: In order to ensure the normal operation of the machine, the pressure in the machine is automatically released.

Powerful Milk Wand

The steam wand can reach 212 ℉ when turned on, providing a powerful steam pressure that turns the milk into a silky foam. Create a rich, creamy froth of evenly textured drinks just the way you like.

See the Water Level Clearly

Buoy: To remind that the water level in the water tray is full, it needs to be dumped in time