Espresso Machine, Barista Coffee Maker with 15 Bar Pump Milk Frother GECMD627BK-U

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  • ✔【FAST HEATING WITHOUT WAITING】Advanced 1350W big power Thermoblock Fast Heating System can delivers even heat for consistently great-tasting espresso.You can enjoy making the good kind of coffee in 45 seconds.
  • ✔【15 BAR PRESSURE SYSTEM】:15 Bar high-pressure Italian ODM pump can provide fast and stable extraction,makes espresso more fragrant and rich in crema.
  • ✔【DOUBLE TEMPERATURE CONTROL】: 2 separate thermostats control adjusts the temperature of water and milk foam, so that the taste of coffee can reach the ideal state, and the milk foam is rich and creamy.
  • ✔【TRIPLE SAFE & THOUGHTFUL PROTECTION】With follow triple protection, you can operate the machine with peace of mind:25mins Auto Shut-off, Overheating Protection, Auto Pressure Relief.
  • ✔【 STAINLESS STEEL, STYLISH AND DURABLE】Stainless steel appearance, stylish and durable, 1.25 liters separate water tank with a handle, easy to install and clean. The package includes: 2 cup filter accessories, detachable water tray, steam wand accessories. 
  • Please note that the variants - Capsule Portafilter does not include the espresso machine.

Model: GECMD627BK-U

Specification: 120V/60Hz/1350W

Water tank capacity: 1.25L

Product size: about 11 x 8.9 x 9.5inch

Product weight: 8.58lb

I. User Manual:
You can click here to download the PDF.

II. Operation Video:

1. What Precautions for Gevi GECMD627BK-UEspresso Machine in the First Use:

2. How To Make 2 Cup of Perfect Espresso Coffee with Gevi GECMD627BK-UEspresso Machine:

3. How To Make a Cup of Perfect Espresso Coffee with Gevi GECMD627BK-UEspresso Machine:

4. How to Avoid the Weak Coffee with Your Gevi GECMD627BK-U Espresso Machine:

5. How to Make a Perfect Cup of Milk Froth with Gevi GECMD627BK-U Espresso Machine:

6. How to Avoid the Weak Steam or NO Steam Comes Out for Your GECMD627BK-UEspresso Machine:

7. How to Avoid the Weak Milk Foaming with YourGevi GECMD627BK-U Espresso Machine:

8. How to Avoid theLeaking on the Countertop with Your Gevi GECMD627BK-UEspresso Machine:

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