6 Tips for Storing Coffee Beans

1. Store whole coffee beans

Storing whole coffee beans retains their original flavor and aroma for longer,because coffee powder is more prone to oxidation than coffee beans, resulting in reduced taste and aroma of coffee.

So you only grind the beans when you drink your coffee, no need to grind all the coffee beans in advance.

2. Use an airtight container

Coffee beans touch air will solubles and oxidize,oxidized coffee beans become less fresh.

Similar to iron becoming rusty when it's exposed to oxygen for too long.

3. Put in a dark place

Because the light causes the chemicals in the coffee to photodegrade. Put your coffee beans in a light-tight bag or container ((black is best)) for optimal coffee storage.

4. Avoid the refrigerator

Coffee beans in the refrigerator will absorb moisture and food odors. the beans will lose their original flavor a few days later.

5. Store beans in the freezer only if necessary

Unopened coffee bean bags can be frozen, which will keep them fresh for about 3 months

However, the coffee beans must be thawed before grinding

6. Away from heat sources

For example, storing coffee beans on top of the refrigerator or next to the stove is not a reasonable way to store coffee beans, because this will quickly degrade the coffee beans.

Author: Lillian Mao

Date: November, 25, 2022