Elephant Dung Coffee: The World's Rarest and Unique Coffee

Elephant Dung Coffee: The World's Rarest and Unique Coffee

Elephant Dung Coffee: The World's Rarest and Unique Coffee

In the realm of exotic coffees, one variety stands out for its unique production process and distinct flavor - Elephant dung coffee. Known as Black Ivory Coffee, this rare brew is not just about the taste, but also about an innovative idea, an unusual production process, and an inspiring story of entrepreneurship and conservation.


An Incredibly Distinctive Cup

Elephant dung coffee,  produced in the lush landscapes of northern Thailand,With notes of chocolate, malt, spice, a hint of grass and without the burnt or bitter taste of regular coffee.

In 2023 approximate allocation of 225 kg (495 LBS), Black Ivory Coffee is the world's rarest coffee and is sold primarily to select five star hotels. However we reserve a small portion on our website for private consumption by international consumers.

The Black Ivory Coffee  in exclusive hotels for about $50-60 Cdn a cup or can be purchased online for around $150 for just over 100 grams,it will be the most distinctive cup you will ever have tried, even if you are not a coffee expert!

The Story of Blake Dinkin’s Elephant Dung Coffee

The journey of Black Ivory Coffee began with Canadian entrepreneur Blake Dinkin, who had a vision to create one of the world's most exclusive coffees.

Dinkin, with a background in civet coffee, he knows Kopi Luwak's image has been trashed because of concerns over counterfeiting, disease and animal abuse. But he decided to move on after finding its production fraught with fraud.His quest led him to various animals and took him to Indonesia before he finally settled on elephants in Thailand.  

The key reason he chose elephants was they only have one stomach and consume a lot of food in a day. Also, coffee cherries may naturally have been part of an elephant’s diet, if grown in an area where they were grazing, he says.

He invested over $300,000 and several years into researching and perfecting this unique coffee. His venture was not only driven by his passion for coffee but also by his desire to create a product that was ethical and beneficial to both the animals involved and the local community.


The Production Process of Elephant Dung Coffee

The process of making Elephant dung coffee is as intriguing as the coffee itself. It begins with the careful selection of the finest Thai Arabica beans, which are then mixed with fruits and fed to elephants at the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation, a sanctuary for rescued elephants.


As the elephants digest the beans, a natural fermentation process occurs in their stomachs. This process breaks down the proteins in the beans - the main culprits behind the bitterness in coffee - and imparts unique flavors that cannot be replicated by any other method.


Once the elephants have digested the beans, the mahouts (elephant caretakers) and their families carefully gather the beans from the elephant dung. This part of the process is labor-intensive and requires precision and care to ensure the beans are collected hygienically. After collection, the beans are thoroughly washed and sun-dried. They are then sent to a gourmet roaster in Bangkok, where they are roasted to perfection, bringing out the unique flavors developed during the digestion process.


This coffee is not just about luxury and taste. The production of Black Ivory Coffee also plays a vital role in elephant conservation. A significant portion of the proceeds from the coffee sales is donated to the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation. This contribution supports the welfare and health care of the elephants, as well as providing a sustainable income for the mahouts and their families.


In conclusion, Elephant dung coffee, particularly Black Ivory Coffee, is a fine example of how innovation, ethics, and sustainability can be combined to create a product that is not only unique and luxurious but also socially responsible. It’s a cup of coffee that tells a story - a story of a man’s vision, an animal’s contribution, and a community’s livelihood, all intertwined in the pursuit of the perfect brew.

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