How to Maintain the Built-in Grinder of GECME020DE-U

How to Maintain the Built-in Grinder of GECME020DE-U

How to Maintain the Built-in Grinder of GECME020DE-U


Delicious coffee at home is a wonderful thing. But for your daily cups to taste great, you absolutely need a clean coffee machine. It’s no understatement to say that the grinder is one of the most important pieces of equipment in any coffee brewing setup.


Why Should You Clean a Coffee Grinder


  • A good coffee grinder will enable you to grind beans for the freshest at-home coffee.
  • Your Gevi 3-in-1 coffee machine features a conical burr grinder, allowing more consistently grind beans and overall better espresso extraction.
  • However, such a professional piece of espresso equipment requires proper maintenance and care.
  • Without a high-quality grinder, it’s difficult to achieve even grind size distribution, which will in turn affect the quality of your extraction.


Warm Tips When Using the Grinder

1 - The grind settings 0-15 are suitable for medium or dark roasted beans, 15 and above can be used for light, medium, and dark roasted beans, but very dark beans are not suitable for very fine grind settings, and 8 and above are more suitable, otherwise, your grinder will be easily blocked. So the deeper the roast level, the more oily the beans would be, and the more frequent deep cleaning is required.

2 - Do not use light-roasted beans with the grind settings below 15, because the lightly roasted beans are of high density and hard to grind, if you grind them with a fine setting, fewer coffee grinds will come out and they will be sticky, which can cause the ground coffee to stick in the feeder passages and clog.

3 - Do not fill the bean hopper with frozen or coated beans, moisture will seep into the burr and grinding channels. Over time this will cause the same problem as that in point 1.

4 - Do not add any liquid flavorings or syrups to the beans, otherwise, it will cause the same result as point 1.


How to Clean the Grinder
  • Locate the “hopper” on your machine, unlock it, and empty out any remaining beans. Then, replace the hopper and lock it back in. Set your grind size to the maximum—and power the grinder until it’s empty.
  • Pull the wire handle of the upper burr upwards and twist it counterclockwise to unlock and remove it, as well as the hopper.
  • Use the clean brush to clean both upper and lower burrs, and your grind outlet brush to clean the outlet. Once cleaned, match the index marks and bring the upper burr back into a firm position, and rotate it clockwise to lock it. Return the hopper to its position, and bring your grind setting back to your preferred number.

Voilà! You have finished cleaning your burr grinder, and are ready for your next cup.

3 Tips for Cleaning Coffee Grinders

When cleaning a coffee grinder, keep the following tips in mind:

1. Clean your coffee grinder frequently. You can clean a burr grinder once a month. If you wipe down the grinder with a cloth after every use, this will make your deep cleaning of the grinder much easier.

2. Avoid rice in burr grinders. Unlike blade grinders, you should not use rice to clean a burr grinder. The rice can damage the burrs.

3. Avoid water. You can wipe down the grinders with a damp cloth but don’t put them under running water, or the grinder will rust. You can also use a dry microfiber cloth to catch all residual coffee particles and coffee oils.


  • Compré una maquina de Café Expresso Modelo GECME020DE-U en Ebay y no trajo el manual de uso, Donde puedo bajarlo.

    I bought an Expresso Coffee Machine Model GECME020DE-U on Ebay and it did not come with the user manual, where can I download it.

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