Osmanthus Coffee Latte

With its fragrant characteristics, the Osmanthus flower is native to the Asian region where it is commonly used for teas, wine, herbal medicine, and even desserts!

Balanced ratio of coffee to milk, sprinkled with dried osmanthus, giving a light floral taste, pure and silky,soaked with the aftertaste of osmanthus in every sip.

What do you need?

1. 18g espresso coffee

2. Osmanthus syrup 10g

3. Fresh milk 200ml

4.1 tsp dried osmanthus

5.1 maple leaf

How to do?

1.Make 18g of espresso

2. Apply syrup on the mouth and wall of the cup before dipping the dried osmanthus

3.Pour espresso and milk into cup

4.Sprinkle a small amount of dried osmanthus and maple leaves for decoration