Luckin Moutai Coffee:The drinkers and the coffee drinkers are silent

Luckin Moutai Coffee:The drinkers and the coffee drinkers are silent

Luckin Moutai Coffee:The drinkers and the coffee drinkers are silent

In a surprising twist of flavors, Luckin Coffee, a well-known Chinese coffee chain, has recently partnered with Kweichow Moutai, the renowned maker of China's fiery national liquor baijiu, to introduce an innovative offering – alcoholic lattes. This intriguing concoction, known as the "sauce-flavored latte," infused with a dash of Moutai liquor, is priced at 38 yuan ($5.20) and hit the shelves of Luckin stores across China on a sunny Monday morning.

The moniker "sauce-flavored" hints at the subtle savory undertones found in Moutai's liquor, often compared to soy sauce by connoisseurs. The fusion of coffee and this iconic Chinese spirit quickly became a sensation on social media, with users expressing curiosity about its safety for on-the-go consumption. The question, "Can we drive a car after drinking that Moutai coffee?" dominated discussions on Weibo, amassing a staggering 430 million views within hours.

Moutai baijiu is renowned for its throat-tingling potency, boasting an alcohol content of typically 53%. Its intense flavor has earned it the nickname "firewater." The red-and-white bottles of Moutai's flagship product, "Feitian" or "Flying Fairy," are a staple at Chinese state banquets and high-profile business events. However, for its collaboration with Luckin, the spirit is used sparingly, with each cup containing a mere fraction, resulting in an overall alcohol content of approximately 0.5%, as confirmed by Luckin.

Despite the low alcohol content, Luckin Coffee has responsibly advised drivers, teenagers, and expectant mothers to refrain from indulging in the sauce-flavored latte. The addition of a dollop of whipped cream on top adds a touch of indulgence to the drink, making it a unique and enticing offering for coffee enthusiasts looking to explore new horizons of flavor.

This venture is part of Moutai's ongoing efforts to diversify its product portfolio. Last year, the brand ventured into an unexpected territory by opening a Moutai ice cream store in Zunyi, a city in Guizhou province, southwest China. This innovative concept captivated consumers, with nearly 10 million cups of Moutai-infused ice cream sold within a year, according to the company's statement in May.


The company claims to operate a network of approximately 10,000 stores across more than 240 cities in China, reaffirming its status as a leading brand in the country.

The partnership between Luckin Coffee and Moutai is a testament to the endless possibilities of blending tradition and modernity, creating innovative and exciting experiences for consumers. As the "sauce-flavored latte" continues to tantalize taste buds and spark conversations, it exemplifies the spirit of exploration and experimentation in the ever-evolving world of culinary delights.

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