Pamper Yourself On International Women’s Day

Pamper Yourself On International Women’s Day

Pamper Yourself On International Women’s Day



  1. Women are Important


In every visible and invisible corner, there are women working hard and striving for their dreams. Because of you, love exists!


Maybe you get up early in the morning to prepare a good breakfast for the family to let them have full energy on a new day. Then, you turn to be the professional childcare and nursery teacher, taking care of the baby and educating him; Then, you turn to be a nutritionist to customize healthy meals that suit the taste of the family. Then become a teacher to tutor children's homework, take care of bathing and sleeping, and dedicate yourself to the heavy housework.


Maybe you wake up early in the morning, prepare a hearty breakfast for your family, and prepare clothes for your children then drive them to school;  Then, you turn to be an office lady, either catch the subway or drive a car to your office; open various types of working sheets, reply messages or email, and deal with various problems; After work, you turn to be a mom, teaching your children, taking care of bathing and sleeping.


Maybe you are a workaholic, get up early in the morning to catch the subway, and then visit clients, even though you may have stayed up late last night to work overtime for an event proposal.




Whatever role you are playing, you are so excellent. With you, men have found their homes; with you, the world is full of wonder and diversity; with you, children can grow up healthy and happy.


But don't let busyness consume your life, don't let work occupy your space, don't let trivial matters fill your time, and don't let yourself go without rest or a chance to catch your breath. Because YOU DESERVE BETTER.


  1. The Meaning of International Women’s Day


Female empowerment is the core meaning of International Women’s Day. It is defined as promoting a woman’s self-worth and ability to do things based on their own choices and their right to influence social change for themselves and others.


Every woman deserves a day of self-care and pampering; however, it can be challenging to find time for yourself between work, the home, and a million other commitments! So why not give yourself the gift of time and beauty by pampering yourself on International Women’s Day?


    1. Celebrate the Day with Gevi

Hey, girls, International Women’s Day is your day, so on that day, you have the total right to relax and treat yourself to something that you have been expecting for a long time, for instance, a bottle of perfume, a delicious meal you really want to eat, or even a drink you like and so on. 

Gevi wants to announce here to let you know “You are excellent, and you deserve something better”.

Thus, Gevi has prepared some gifts for you so that you have the opportunity to build your at-home cafe and make coffee simple and easily accessible.


Join Gevi’s photo contest for International Women’s Day. Post a photo of your favorite coffee drink on your Instagram, invite your friends to like your photo, and you will get a chance to win:


$500 gift card x 1

$200 gift card x2

$50 gift card x5


  1. How to Join the Contest


1) Sign up for the contest on our official website.

2) Follow us on INS

3) Take a photo of your favorite coffee drink.

4) Post the photo on Instagram and tag us @gevi_home, add #geviwomensday2023 #GeviHome

5) Invite your friends to like your photo. The most likes, the winner.

Good luck.



  1. Open to legal residents over 18 years old in 48 US states (except Hawaii and Alaska).
  2. Winners will be announced on March 13 at 7:00 PM PST via post @gevi_home and will be notified by email(
  3. Gift cards are only valid on Gevi Home products.

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