Gevi 4-in-1 Smart Pour-over Coffee Machine Fast Heating Brewer With Built-In Grinder, 600ml


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  • A cool combo of brewer, grinder, scales and kettle, featuring all the main parts that are needed in manual pouring. It is like an experienced barista who can make a tasty cup of coffee for you at home. It is not only can grind beans to a wide range of sizes for different brewing methods, but also mimic a barista to 360 degree pour water at different brew speeds.

  • Unlike traditionally manual pouring, steady streams of hot water will be poured, all parameters including brew ratio, water temperature, water volume, brew speed and bloom time can be precisely calculated and controlled as you wish. Spin speed and brew speed of the 3-jet water spouts are changeable, which guarantees maximum flavor extraction.

  • This clever machine ensures high stability during the entire brewing and transforms every single ground coffee into aromatic every time. Let you be a professional barista at home ! It is more than just smart and elegant, it also comes with a operation interface, sliding function selection; makes it a totally beginner-friendly companion to practice and DIY your favorite pour-over recipe much more.

  • A control panel is designed for simple use, it can navigate you to make use of all functions of the machine. The user interface system is very intuitive for both beginners and masters. Different grinding ways, modes of making coffee and how to create, save and share recipes will be well indicated, making your coffee brewing much more enjoyable.

  • Uniform and detailed 51-step ultra-fine grinding / 60mm Premium stainless burr basic specification. And it is removable grinding components, very easy cleaning that can help you use more conveniently.

  • A 1000W boiler is paired for fast heating water. Within 4min a full tank of water can be heated from room temperature to 210℉ /99℃, which means you don't need to buy an extra kettle at home anymore. To best shorten your making coffee time, it allows you to preheat water when you are making other preparations.


1 * Gevi Coffee Mchine,

1 * Stainless Steel Filter,

1 * Coffee Carafe,

10 *Paper Filter,

1 * Coffee Spoon,

1 * Coffee Brush

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