Is Natural Special Dry Fermentation a Black Technology?

Is Natural Special Dry Fermentation a Black Technology?

Is Natural Special Dry Fermentation a Black Technology?

In the world of specialty coffee, innovation and meticulous processes often lead to astonishing results. One such innovation is the Natural Special Dry Fermentation (DFS), a method that has recently gained attention due to the remarkable achievement of Altieri Manor’s Geisha Rush DFS coffee scored an impressive 94.25 in the Best of Panama 2023, fetching a staggering price of $1,108.00/kg.DFS sounds like black technology. What is so special about it?

Planting Environment

Altieri Manor is nestled in the northwestern region of Boquete, Panama. The estate dedicates a specific plot named Dilgo for cultivating the Geisha variety. This plot, located at an altitude of 1780 meters, boasts volcanic soil and experiences a 70% shade cover, creating a unique microclimate ideal for coffee plants.

They faced with challenging conditions during the dry season, a strategic decision was made in March 2022 to irrigate the most critical areas of the Dilgo plot. This timely intervention led to an outstanding flowering season. The cherries harvested from this specially irrigated area were then processed using the exclusive DFS method, contributing to their distinct quality and flavor.

What is DFS?

The DFS process is a meticulous and innovative approach to coffee bean processing. After handpicking and flotation selection to ensure only the best cherries are used, the beans undergo a dry fermentation process. This includes a 5-day drying period on African beds, followed by a 4-day fermentation in Grainpro bags. What makes this method truly unique is the subsequent 30-day drying period in a refrigerated chamber with forced ventilation and dehumidifiers. The process concludes with the beans being stored at a constant 18 degrees Celsius and 55% humidity, ensuring optimal preservation of flavor and aroma.

Altieri Manor 

Altieri Specialty Coffee was founded by Eugene Altieri, an Italian American businessman residing in Panama since 1973 who bought two farms in Boquete 15 years ago, without knowing the potential for growing specialty coffee.

After fifteen years of coffee growing and earning various awards throughout the years, his children are following his legacy working together to expand the Altieri Specialty Coffee brand.The plot of Dilgo is named after Gene Altieri's grandson, Diego.Altieri Specialty Coffee is a Family Coffee Brand that is rapidly growing because of its excellent quality, its professional team and specially because for us it is not a business it is a passion.


Natural Special Dry Fermentation is just natural fermentation based on high-quality coffee beans, Altieri uses only the natural enzymes and bacteria it produces, never chemical yeast,so it is not the so-called black technology.

DFS certainly pushes the boundaries of innovation and precision. By Combining traditional methods with controlled environmental conditions, DFS has created a unique product, bringing coffee lovers a richer coffee experience and choice.

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