Panama’s famous coffee estates

Panama’s famous coffee estates

Panama’s famous coffee estates

Panama, a country known for its diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage, has carved a niche for itself in the world of coffee. At the heart of this reputation lies the renowned Geisha coffee bean, celebrated for its unique flavor profiles and record-breaking bidding prices,with vibrant acidity, floral notes, and a complex flavor profile ranging from citrus to berries. What sets them apart is not just their taste but also their rarity, driving bidding prices to unprecedented heights.In the prestigious Best of Panama 2023 competition, De La Rosa Mount Totumas Cloud Forest - Mount Totumas Coffee stole the spotlight. Scoring an impressive 96.25 points, this Geisha variant commanded a staggering $2,504.00 per kilogram.


Main Producing Areas in Panama:

The heart of Panama's coffee production lies in the Chiriquí Province, home to some of the most prominent coffee estates. Districts like Boquete, Volcán, and Renacimiento are nestled within this province, surrounded by the majestic Volcán Baru volcano.

The strategic location offers a distinctive microclimate, enriched volcanic soil, and the tempering influence of gentle breezes from the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. The convergence of these factors, coupled with the phenomenon known as bajareque—a fine mist created when northern winds meet the mountains—creates a unique environment. This mist lowers temperatures around coffee farms, slowing the ripening of cherries. The slower maturation process, leading to higher sugar concentration and more volatile oils, ultimately imparting a delightful sweetness, complexity, and richness to the coffee.


What are the famous coffee estates in Panama?

Hacienda La Esmeralda

Panama's Hacienda La Esmeralda, situated in Boquete, stands out for its exceptional Geisha coffee beans, classified into Red, Green, and Blue Labels.The Red Label, with a score above 90, commands a premium for its sun-dried and washed beans, offering a nuanced flavor of floral and citrus notes. The Green Label, though not in independent competitions, provides an affordable yet quality option with classic Geisha characteristics. The Blue Label, accessible to a broader audience, exhibits a milder profile with floral and fruit notes. La Esmeralda's Geisha beans, cultivated with meticulous care, offer a diverse and luxurious journey through the world of specialty coffee, showcasing unique representations shaped by altitude and processing methods.

The Lamastus Family

The Lamastus Family, with a coffee-producing legacy dating back to 1918, cultivates exceptional estate coffees in three farms within the elevated regions of Boquete, Panama: Elida Estate, El Burro Estate, and Luito Geisha Estates.

Embracing unique ecological conditions, including shade-grown practices, bird-friendly surroundings, and proximity to the Volcan Baru National Park, these estates flourish in high elevations ranging from 5,200 to 8,200 ft above sea level. The cherries, meticulously hand-picked at full maturity by native Ngobe-Bugle Indians, undergo careful processing methods such as Natural, Washed, and Honey. The resulting beans, known for their density, uniformity, mildness, medium body, good aroma, and high acidity, are considered among the world's finest.

Notably, the estates also contribute to ecological conservation, with part of the land designated as an ecological reserve within the Volcan Baru National Park. This commitment to quality and sustainability spans generations, as the Lamastus family continues to produce, process, export, and roast its rare estate coffees.

Janson Farms

Situated in the Chiriqui Highlands, Janson Farms' coffee plantations, positioned on the slopes of Tisingal and Baru volcanoes, showcase a commitment to quality and sustainability. Micromanaged for traceability, the farms maintain soil health without pesticides. With a nursery for special-grade Arabica seeds and a processing plant using both natural and wash methods, they produce premium coffees like Janson Geisha Washed and Janson Family Coffee. Originating in 1926, the Janson Coffee legacy, now led by three generations, intertwines quality with social and environmental responsibility. Besides prioritizing worker well-being, the company implements sustainable practices, including solar energy usage, recycling, and reforestation. The Viveros Volcan nursery, fostering native tree seeds, symbolizes their dedication to positive environmental impact. Janson Coffee exemplifies a harmonious blend of quality, sustainability, and community care.

Panama also has many excellent coffee estates, such as: Finca Nuguo, Finca Sophia,Finca Auromar, Hartmann Estate, Finca La Mula, Longboard Surfboard Estate, ABU COFFEE, finca deborah, etc., I will not describe them in detail, if you are interested in Panama specialty coffee beans , you can visit the bestofpanama official website to view the latest Panamanian specialty coffee bean scores and bid coffee beans.

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