Cherry Rum Cold Brew Coffee

Fresh cherries with clear, bright Yirgacheffe washed coffee and fragrant rum, it tastes sweet-tart, super refreshing, very fantastic, and smooth finish.

What do you need?

1. 7 Fresh Cherries

2. Cold Brew Yirgacheffe 2 OZ

3. Rum 1.35 OZ

4. Soda 13.38 OZ

5. Fruit syrup 0.34 OZ

How to do?

1. Make cherry gravy: put 5 large pitted sweet cherries into a cup, squeeze the cherries to release the juice.

2. Add fruit syrup to the glass and fill it with ice.

3. Pour soda water and cold brew Yirgacheffe coffee.

4. Finally, garnish with cherries and balsamic or mint.

Date: 2022-1-5