Red Eye Coffee

Red Eye is named after the Red Eye flight, the famous midnight flight from the West Coast to New York City. A "red eye" flight is synonymous with a long flight between 2 coasts and the need to stay awake.

Red-eye coffee is a simple brew that just adds a cup of espresso to a cup of filter coffee, and most coffee shops offer a double espresso.

So if you're looking for new coffee recipes to help you stay awake and get through intense work or study, this might be your new favorite.

What's the difference between red eye coffee, black eye coffee, and dead eye coffee?

In order to meet the needs of different customers for caffeine content, coffee shops provide red-eye coffee, black-eye coffee, and dead-eye coffee.

Red eye coffee: 95mg + 63mg = 158mg caffeine
Black Eye Coffee: 95mg + (63mg x 2) = 221mg caffeine
Dead Eye Coffee: 95mg + (63mg x 3) = 284mg caffeine

What is the flavor profile of these "Eye" drinks?

Red Eye Coffee:
The red eye coffee is fairly balanced in body, with less bitterness, since it's only one shot of espresso. Expect it to be dark, tasty, rich, and dense. The flavor profile depends on the coffee beans you use. It will be sweet and nutty when using a medium roast, but bitter and spicy when using a dark roast, it will be tastier than regular coffee beans

Black Eyed Coffee:
Black eye coffee will taste bitterer, stronger and darker than red eye coffee, the taste is more complex and closer to the taste of espresso, avoid black coffee if you are sensitive to acidity as your coffee will have Lots of crema.

Dead Eye Coffee
Dead Eye coffee will be the strongest of all coffees. It will contain triple the caffeine, meaning triple the energy boost.This coffee is sure to be stronger, smoother, more tart, and full of complex flavors.

How to make red eye coffee?

Step 1: Make 1 cup of drip coffee (10 oz or 1 ¼ cup).

Prepare a cup of brewed coffee according to your preferred method, such as a French press, hand pour or drip coffee maker.

Step 2: Make 1 shot of espresso (2 ounces or ¼ cup).

Step 3: Pour the espresso into the drip coffee, add sweeteners or other additives to the coffee according to personal preference, stir gently and drink