Ultimate Stepless Coffee Grinder

Stepless grinding|400W BLDC motor|500-1500 RPM|SSP burr choices|Pre-breaker|Near zero retention

Better coffee is all in the beans. And the right grinder can unlock flavors you never knew were there. Most home grinders only offer limited control over your grind level, speed, and burr choice, and leaving half the flavor still trapped in your beans – or leaving old grounds stuck in the burrs and spouts through retention.


It's time for a change, and that's why we've introduced the Gevi Grandmaster.



Limitless Customization, Your Coffee, Your Way

Stepless grinding lets you play with precise adjustments and endless combinations of fine or coarse grinds. Wider RPM adjustment delves the most intricate flavor out of beans. It works flawlessly with a world of 64mm flat burrs (also supports SSP burrs!), making it perfectly caters to your needs.


Such adjustments require top-tier grinding power.

An onboard pre-breaker taps deeper flavors from every bean, unleashing the full potential of the burrs. The powerful 400W BLDC motor ensures smooth and consistent grind. 64mm commercial-level flat burrs ensure consistent grinding quality and preserve the original flavors.


Whether compared to coffee grinders in the $500, $1000, or even $1500 price range, our machine holds its own without compromise. It excels in motor performance, even surpassing many higher-priced alternatives. High-end features such as plasma generator and prebreaker, which are typically found on grinders priced over $1,000, are now available from GrindMaster at a price lower than $500.


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