GEVI is life inspired design

Whether it's a delicious morning coffee, a latte in the late afternoon, or even an espresso after dinner, Gevi is always with you.

Who we are

Gevi is passionate about designing coffee machine, that’s why we truly understand our clients’ needs. Life is always changing, so Gevi products are, to satisfy modern people's needs.

We provide the best process experience

01 Brand Benefits

All Gevi products satisfys consumers' needs and their attitudes: dynamic, smart and trend-oriented.

02 Functional Benefits

Products are well designed with high quality, leading to great perfomance and a wonderful user experience. The experience is smooth and comfortable.

03 Emotional Benefits

Personal satisfaction, proud of a wise choice which provides innovative products and qualitative outputs, at the right price. Empathic, close to the client, who feels that his new and trending needs are fully fulfilled.

What we do

We, the GEVI brand committed to offering a stable & trustful user experience with affordable prices in the area of SDA, infusing the professionality into joyful elements in everyday life, innovating the way we live in.