World Barista Championship James Hoffmann's Coffee Recipe

To achieve a tasty brew, James Hoffmann recommends a high-quality grinder for more consistent grinds and a pouring kettle for maximum heat in his video.

Gevi 4-in-1 smart pour-over coffee machine consists of all the main devices that are used in manual pouring, now it will be operated to attempt to copy James Hoffmann's recipe.


Coffee Beans: 30g / 1oz of Cerrado, Brazil, Semi Washed, Medium Roast, Red Wine


Mass of Coffee Used: 30g / 1oz
1. Grind Setting: 20
2. Brew Ratio: 1:16.7
3.Brew Temperature: 205℉ / 96℃
4. Brewing Method: First pour 65ml, pause for 45s, swirl coffee;

5. Second pour 262ml, pause for the 30s; Third pour 174ml, pause for 30s, swirl coffee.