Japanese Iced Coffee Recipe

Iced coffee is not a complicated thing, and there are many different approaches for making it. This video will show a special way to make iced coffee with a 4-in-1 smart pour-over coffee machine. Good Japanese iced coffee worth a try in hot days. Recipe details are listed below:

Coffee Beans: Guatemala, natural process, medium roasted

Mass of Coffee Used: 28 g / 0.98 oz

Mass of ice Used: 150g/5.29oz

Mass of water Used: 350ml Brew Ratio: 1:12.5

Grind Setting: 22 (medium)

Brew Temperature: 205°F / 96°C

Brewing Method: First pour:45ml of water, brew speed 3ml/s; Second pour 200ml of water, brew speed 4ml/s; last pour 105ml of water, brew speed 4ml/s.