Gevi 4-Cup Coffee Maker

$24.99 USD
  • 【EASY OPERATION】Just press the ON/OFF switch to brew and enjoy flavorful coffee in minutes. ON/OFF indicator light lets you know when your coffee maker is on or off.
  • 【KEEP WARM】Stain-resistant warming plate keeps coffee warm until you turn it off, ensuring every cup you drink is hot coffee.
  • 【REUSABLE FILTER】No need for paper filters. Removable filter basket for quick and easy cleanup.
  • 【PAUSE & SERVE FEATURE】Grab-A-Cup Auto Pause stops cycle if you need a cup before brewing is finished.
  • 【COMPACT SIZE】Space-saving 4 cups (1 cup = 5 oz) coffee machine with visible 600ml large capacity tank, perfect for home and Office use.

Model: GECMD008-U

Specification: 120V/60Hz

Water tank capacity: 600 Milliliters

Product size : 8.03X6.06X9.76 inch

Product weight : 2.43lb

I. User Manual:
You can click here to download the PDF.

II. Operation Video:

1.Tips for Gevi GECMD008-U Coffee Maker for the first time use:

2.How to make perfect coffee with Gevi GECMD008-U Coffee Maker:

3.How to avoid the weak coffee with your Gevi GECMD008-U Coffee Maker:

4.Why does your Gevi GECMD008-U Coffee Maker brew less coffee than the amount of water added:

5.How to avoid overflow from your Gevi GECMD008-U Coffee Maker:

6.How to pour coffee correctly with Gevi GECMD008-U Coffee Maker:

-Brew a Prefect Cup-


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