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  • 500 Limited VIP Offers, First Come First Get!
  • Place a deposit to gain priority in the beta tester events
  • Global Shipping (US Free Shipping)
  • Limited VIP Offer starts from $438. Backers can pay a $39 deposit first and receive $100 refund.

The perk and color choices below are not final; you can make changes after the campaign goes live when completing your payment.

100% Refundable
(If you have placed a deposit but do not wish to proceed with the purchase after the campaign launches, we will refund the deposit.)
How much is the Gevi GrindMaster?

The Super Early Bird Price of the GrindMaster OWS and the GrindMaster SWS starts from $499 and $664 respectively. lf you wish to complete the purchase after the campaign goes live, the $39 deposit will not be refunded. For users who have made a $39 deposit and completed their purchase on the Indiegogo page when the product goes live, we will refund $100 after the project ends. This applies to all 4 versions we offer, meaning that users can enjoy $61 discount for each version compared to Super Early Bird Offer. For detailed price info, please refer to the price chart above.

What is the Benefit of placing a deposit?

By making a $39 deposit, you are reserving the best price available. This discount is bigger than the discount of our Super Early Bird Offer. Kindly note that the discount does not apply to accessories and add-ons. Additionally, before we launch on INDIEGOGO, we will select 5 beta testers to thoroughly experience Gevi GrindMaster and products will be shipped before the crowdfunding campaign starts. Customers who placed the deposit would be given priority! As a special reminder, the deposit slots are limited to 500.

Is the Gevi GrindMaster available in my country?

The Gevi GrindMaster will be available for purchase worldwide.

What is the shipping time of the Gevi GrindMaster ?

We’ve started mass production, as verified by Indiegogo. Our commitment is to deliver on time, and we'll continue to provide real-time updates on production and shipping progress. The products will be shipped to global backers in late November and the exact delivery time will vary depending on your delivery address and couriers.

Shipping fee & customs fee?

For the United States, the shipping fee is included. For the rest of countries and regions, we will cover part of the shipping costs. We are still negotiating the best logistics plan with our logistics suppliers and the exact cost is still finalizing. We will update you in the Facebook group once it is done. We'll cover customs fee for United States orders.

How can I contact Gevi?

If you have any questions regarding the limited VIP offer, please contact us at