Mocha Tarts

Mocha Tarts

Mocha Tarts

Author: Senior Zhan Tao
You don't need an oven to enjoy the delights!
Showing you how to make silky chocolate Coffee Tarts!

What do you need?


Chocolate 105g

Light cream 140g   

Coffee powder 4g   

Sugar syrup 15g   

8 cocoa tart shells

Adequate amount of coffee beans

Adequate amount of black cocoa powder (can not be added)



How to make ?

1️⃣Ganache:Heat the light cream until the edges are slightly boiling, pour in the dark chocolate and coffee powder and stir until the chocolate melts.

2️⃣ Mocha Ganache:Add the syrup and dark cocoa powder and continue to stir until the Ganache is smooth, sieve it through to make it more delicate.

3️⃣Pour Mocha Ganache into the pre-bought cocoa tart shell, 9/10 full, refrigerate for 1 hour.

4️⃣ surface with a few coffee beans to decorate

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