Donut Latte

Donut Latte

Donut Latte

Reinventing the Classic Latte: Enjoy the Donut Latte and Its Irresistible Charm!

What do you need?

Espresso 30g
Pure milk 250g
Light cream 40g
Sugar 10g
Sea salt 1g

How to make ?

1.Frothing milk:
Put  40g of whipped cream, 10g of white sugar, and 1g of sea salt into a glass jug.
Whip the cream with a milk frother or a steam wand until smooth and delicate
2.Make a Latte:
Extract 30 grams of espresso,
Whip 250 grams of pure milk into foam
Mix milk foam with Espresso, pour into the cup 9.5 minutes full
3.Sprinkle a little cocoa powder evenly on the top of the cup, and pour the whipped cream in the middle of the cup

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